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Visit Hong Kong: A Captivating City Where it Costs More to Bury the Dead than House the Living

I’m under no illusion that my travel experiences, in some of the world’s most popular destinations, have a lot to do with the time of year in which I visited. This is why I was stoked a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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Stories from Phnom Penh

There’s a dead man lying in the gutter. A red cloth napkin covers his face. He’s wearing a colourful floral shirt, the kind which seem to be a big hit here with foreigners. I can tell he’s a Westerner because … Continue reading

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Lao: a country tolerating itself into oblivion

‘What is WRONG with you??! Don’t you understand I’m a V.E.G.E.T.A.R.I.AN.?!’ the pretty blonde Swedish girl screams out at the top of her lungs. Skinny mamma, the owner of the local eatery, just looks at her bewildered then shrugs her … Continue reading

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The day Australia taught the world a very important lesson. And, hopefully, learnt a few too…

Waking up to the news that a gunman or several gunmen were holding hostages in one of my favourite cafes in Sydney’s city centre had me gasping. ‘Here it is’ I thought ‘Here is the attack we’ve all been waiting … Continue reading

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