Cruising the Komodo Islands – the Good, the Bad and the Utterly Unforgettable

A stellar boat trip through this UNESCO heritage listed Komodo National Park is an experience none of us will forget in a hurry.

These are a few snippets of our life at sea…

We fought hard to secure a private charter, sacrificing the space and comfort of a larger boat, for the priceless luxury of dictating the where, how and what of our trip. I’m sure I speak for all 6 of us when I say it was a brilliant compromise. We loved our little boat, we had a ball together and we lucked out with a brilliant father + son team who seemed to know just what we needed at the right time. The nature of the Komodo National Park is resplendent, in parts. As long as we were away from the crowds and the rubbish-strewn beaches of the most popular islands, we loved this archipelago.

Far too many people and not enough conservation work being done. On one overnight anchor spot, we were even approached by a guy paddling on a kayak selling pearl necklaces and souvenirs. It totally cracked us up! Yet luckily, the national park covers an area (both land and water) of 1,800 square kilometres. Finding a corner of heaven, a ridiculously beautiful uninhabited island, and peace and quiet, is superbly easy.

The worst part of the trip was watching what is supposed to be a majestic dragon, the largest lizard on our planet, trying to crawl over an abundance of rubbish on the beach of Komodo Island. The best? Everything else. The fun, the snorkelling, the coral reefs, the hikes, the myriad of colourful fish, the sun and even the rain. The beauty, out here, is staggering…as is man’s encroachment on nature. The ying and yang of our planet, all here in one unforgettable place.

What made this trip all the more special, above all else, was that it was shared with good friends. Thank you to Jonas, Ellen, Arjen, Liliya and especially Chris, my love, for making this a most memorable birthday.


Settling in aboard the Amalia

Settling in aboard the Amalia

Our favourite cruising spot

Liliya and I swiftly found our favourite cruising spot

Docking on Rinca Island

Docking on Rinca Island



The mighty Komodo Dragon!



Rinca Island is home to about 2,900, but spotting them in the wild at this time of year (mating season) is very difficult. But there are always a couple who hang around the ranger station, no doubt fed to keep them from disappearing in the bushes


Cloudy morning…perfect for a hike


The views from the peak of Rinca are gorgeous


Chris loving his dragon!



Back on our boat, everyone finds their fave spot


On board entertainment…balancing on one foot in rough seas


Ellen & Jonas…probably contemplating how to turn their Land Rover ‘Foxy’ into an amphibious vehicle!


Arjen and Liliya chillaxing


A shipwright by trade, my Chris is as at home on a boat as he is on 2 wheels…or 4


Our floating laundry


Playing rock, paper, scissors for the last piece of fried banana. It became a recurring theme (both the bananas and the game) :)))


Gorgeous sunset alongside mangroves chock-full of flying foxes

IMG_1822 IMG_1839

The Komodo Dragon chase continues

The Komodo Dragon chase continues


My picture-perfect beach dragon on Komodo Island



The brutal reality of the beach on Komodo Island. Littered with plastic.



Still, an incredible creature to encounter



That’ll be our dinner!


Back on the sea…my favourite part


After a difficult snorkel on Manta Point, we spot this idyllic little paradise. So off we went…


Sunset spotting

IMG_1915 IMG_1918

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2 Responses to Cruising the Komodo Islands – the Good, the Bad and the Utterly Unforgettable

  1. Steve says:

    What, no political angle? You’re going soft!

    Great photos and story, Laura. Enjoy!

    • laurapattara says:

      Hey Steve!! Trust you to notice :)))
      I’ll have about 6 months worth of rambles to share…just as soon as I actually exit the country, as I have been so wisely advised to do.
      Speaking of which…
      “This message will self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7….”
      Thanks mate. We’ll be catching you soon!

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