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I’d never claim to be an ‘authority’ on overlanding or travelling in general, but after more than a decade on the road, having crossed five continents on either a bad-ass MAN 16-tonne truck, dilapidated Land Rover or old-school BMWF650, I certainly have a few snippets of advice I am more than happy to share with any potential new adventurer.

Whether it’s logistical, financial, cultural or just good ol’ sightseeing tips you’re interested in, feel free to peruse my articles and, if you find at least ONE useful…then my job here is done!

Happy & safe travels

Laura 🙂

2 Responses to Destination Guides

  1. michael buliak says:

    In 2014 I drove through China in my own vehicle in a convoy of five cars, We used “China Overland” who supplied one guide. The cost to each vehicle was approximately AUD$5000.00, a total of AUD$25000.00. The tour was very poorly organised and we had to hunt around at the end of each day for somewhere to stay (finding toilets and showers was also a problem). The places we stayed at were sometimes in the middle of a huge city, a dump or a motorway service centre car park. In Beijing it was in a supermarket loading bay.
    I missed out on some “attractions” due to poor planning.
    The guide was able to find accommodation and a shower for himself each night.

    • laurapattara says:

      I bet he did….hmmm…but of a captive market there, right? It’s a pity. We’ve met so many overlanders with similar stories, and quite negative views of China, which is in direct contrast to our experiences. I know it had 99% to do with our independence, and the fact we kept completely away from the eastern side. It’s a lot of money you paid, for the privilege of sleeping in a car part. Argh! Hope your continues travels are going well Michael, and thanks for commenting

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