Pocketguide für Globetrotter

Not everyone leaves home with a backpack and an adventurous spirit, planning to spend over 10 years on end living everywhere, and nowhere, all at once. Sometimes…a decade of vagabonding just happens. At least it does for those, like me, whose intense passion in life is to travel and discover the world, inch by inch and culture by culture.

Long-term travelling is not just an adventure, a sojourn from the everyday life or a simple diversion from routine. It’s an intensely different lifestyle choice. The unpredictability of every single day, and the personal freedom gifted, are long-term travel’s most endearing aspects. These are the things I cherish most.

There are countless ways to turn a travel dream into reality. I’ve tried several of them! I worked as a tour guide in South America, Africa and Australia, travelled off my savings through Northern Africa and the Middle East (in a certain now-famous Land Rover) and supported myself through writing whilst motorbiking from Germany to Australia for several years.

Because when it comes to realizing a seemingly unreachable dream…where there’s a will there is always a way.

Pocketguide fur Globetrotter

One life. One Journey.

Globetrotting is the ultimate dream of many. But what if you took this dream a step further? What if you could make your world travels…open-ended? Can one travel perpetually?

More than just a practical guide book, Pocketguide fur Globetrotter is a thought-provoking insight into a most adventurous and multifaceted lifestyle-choice, which is not without its challenges. It’s an essential packing item for all those who dream of living their lives anywhere and everywhere…all at once.

Enjoy your ride.

**Pocketguide Für Globetrotter is published by Delius Klasing Verlag (but it here) and is, for now, only available in German. Please keep checking this site for updates on English and other foreign-language versions.

You can buy Pocketguide Für Globetrotter also on Amazon.de & Globetrotter.de


6 Responses to Pocketguide für Globetrotter

  1. Karen stermitz says:

    Want to buy your book in english

    • admin says:

      Hi Karen, my publisher is hoping to get the English version of Pocketguide out in October!! Shall keep you posted n this site, many thanks for your interest :)))

  2. Flo says:

    Ciao Laura!

    I’ve just purchased your book this morning in a book store and couldn’t take it away since. I’ve just finished it now and just wanted to thank you for all the amazing tips and tricks! 😉 My girlfriend and I we’re also planning on giving the nomads life a try and start our own adventure in the end of next year. I’m sure your book will not only help us during the preparation but throughout our journey 🙂 So thanks a lot!

    Wish you and Chris safe and happy travels!


    • admin says:

      Hello Flo!!! How very lovely to receive your message. Thank you so much, you’ve made my day and made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! :)) Like I always say, If ‘my little green frog’ can inspire and help just ONE modern-nomad in any way, to deal with the ups and downs of life on the road, then it’s all been worth it. Safe, happy (for the most part 😉 ) and incredibly unforgettable travels to you both. If you plan to run a blog send me a link, so I can travel vicariously through you as well! PS. Whatever you do, don’t head to Se Asia this time of year, the heat’s a killer! ahah Greeting to you both from Chris and I 🙂

  3. Corina says:

    Liebe Laura, ich habe ihr Buch in einem Zug gelesen, es war so spannend. Ich werde es auch weiter empfehlen. Sie sprechen mir aus der Seele, obwohl ich keine Langzeireisende bin, konnte ich alles sehr gut nachvollziehen. Ihr Humor und Weisheit haben mich sehr beeindruckt. Ihre Vielen Tipps finde ich sehr gut und werde diese bestimmt so umsetzen, klingt einfach vernünftig.
    Ich bin 54, reise sehr gerne alleine oder mit für mich passende Reisepartner/in. Ich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, dass ich mehr nette und interessante Menschen kennen lerne, wenn ich alleine unterwegs bin. Haben Sie Erfahrung mit Portugal und Namibia? Ich wünsche Ihnen und Chris Alles Gute, Gesundheit und weiterhin glückliche Erlebnisse. Berichten Sie uns über unsere schöne, große Welt! Herzlichst Corina.

    • laurapattara says:

      Hello Corina! What a beautiful message. I am glad to hear you liked the book, and could travel alongside us. Neither Chris nor I have been to Portugal, but Chris spent a lot of time in Namibia!! Please feel free to contact him through his FB page “Hinter Dem Horizont Links”, he’d love to hear from you. All the very best 🙂

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