When I first received news I’d been awarded the Versatile Blogger Award I admit…I was a little sceptical. ‘Bloggers awarding other bloggers’ seemed a little too narcissistic for my liking, although the little voice inside my head was mighty chuffed to learn that at least one perfect stranger somehow landed on my little blog-universe and seemed interested enough to stay 🙂

Yet when I read into the award and learnt about all it represents, I was truly impressed. This isn’t just about patting each other’s backs and basking in some reflective-glory glow, it’s about sharing and showing appreciation for those who blog with love. And that I do. It’s also about acknowledging the importance of other blogs out there…there are so many people who inspire me, educated me and support me on this journey that it indeed feels like I have a whole mobile support group who cheer me on at every turn.

So thank you intrepid Travelling Mudskippers liking and appreciating my blog and bestowing this award on my travel ramblings. As brand new members of the long-term travelling community I welcome you into our world with open arms.

(By the way friends and family…if you want to follow the trials and tribulations of a Canadian couple who have just recently traded in their perfectly comfortable and secure city life to travel the world indefinitely…check out this great post by them!)

So, onto the logistics! In order to accept this award there are two things I must do:

1)      Thank the person/s who awarded you and include a link to their site. Check!!

2)      Tell them 7 things about yourself they wouldn’t already know. Ok…considering I ramble so much about my travelling life and history on my blog, I’ll share some completely random, useless and totally unrelated facts. Just for fun!

Here goes:

–        I have a phobia of snakes and even though I once held an albino boa constrictor I nearly peed my pants in front of all my tour pax. PS. don’t think anyone noticed though 😉

–        George Clooney is my allowed ‘famous-person’ affair; my partner is, of course, not allowed to have one because I am after all of Italian origin and no-one wants to see that side of me come out 😀

–        I don’t necessarily believe in destiny but…Chris and I were in the same place on the same day at least 6 times in over 5 years before we met in Malawi in 2008. In 5 different countries by the way. We have the diary entries to prove it

–        When I get deliriously ill on the road…I have been known to cry out for my mum. Yes, I am 40 years old but I blame the malaria.

–        I am incessantly messy and tend to ‘explode’ wherever I lay my hat (tent, tables, campsites etc.) I can literally spread my stuff in a 10metre radius of my bike…which can bring my German anally-retentive partner to tears

–        I can break the word-per-second-speaking record (probably due to the abovementioned Italian heritage). The fact I can also do so in an excessively loud voice adds to the appeal, as you can imagine.

–        I am also extremely clumsy which is due to the fact that my brain seems to operate in a different time zone to the rest of my body. I injure myself at least a few times a day and, although my mum always assured me this would be something I would grow out of, we can all agree she was wrong. Yes, I can also be rather contrary.

3)      Pass the award on to fellow bloggers you love following. With pleasure! Even though I am required to nominate 15 blogs, I prefer to just nominate ones I truly love. More or less…it matters not. If you’re on this list you’ll know I love your work 😉

Hudson family, an absolutely inspirational blog for anyone who is contemplating travelling the world with children in tow. The blog is part German, part English and Nadine’s brilliant guides and philosophical thoughts always provide me with my much-needed brain food.

Onlylivingboyintitirangi loves travelling and music and has an absolutely wicked writing style. Mo is witty and engaging and I really enjoying reading all about his adventures…especially the culinary experiments in Asia. Yaiks! Although we really should start discussing Mo’s taste in music…hmmmm….:)

Travel-Stained Love Shelley and Bear’s philosophy that travelling leaves a mark on your soul. A stain, if you will. The fact that they are also a cross-cultural couple (Shelley was born in South Korea but grew up in Canada and Bear was born in Albania and moved to Canada when he was 19) has certainly struck a chord of familiarity with me. They’ve done a round-the-world trip and write wonderfully descriptive blogs about their experiences, especially as they travelled through my beloved South America.

A Word in Your Ear  Incredibly stunning travel pics and wonderfully creative travel topics. Ever wondered if a blog post can make you salivate? Then check out the latest Moldova blog and see for yourself. Bring napkins.

Travel Live Life is all about food and travelling (so you can understand my devotion) as well as a myriad of philosophical ramblings which always give me food for thought. Thanks VeroNika, you feed me inside & out.

So there you are; a short and sweet list of my fave blogs. Considering each and everyone of these blogs is related to travel in some way…it may prove that perhaps I am not so versatile after all!! Oh no! Hope they don’t ask for the award back now 🙁

Congratulations to my nominees on receiving the Versatile Blogger Award and, when you’re ready….would love to read your acceptance ‘speech’. Check out the website rules page for more info.

That’s it from me. Thanks for coming and thanks for blogging.


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6 Responses to WOW…the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD is here!

  1. annathrax says:

    I just came across your blog yesterday, it’s fantastic! You deserve your award! Inspires me for the future, to travel more! Greets!

    • Hi Anna, so wonderful to receive your message and thank you for the lovely compliments. However, there’s no award that could ever bring me the kind of joy I get when I receive a message like ‘you inspire me to travel more’. YES! Excellent to hear!!!
      greetings to you, your husband and baby Ale, I’m about to go peruse your blog. Cheers & thanks for coming along 🙂

  2. Shelley says:

    Aww thank you so much Laura! It truly feels great when someone else is enjoying your stories. I must admit that we are not very good at responding to these blog awards, but we’ll try to get on it one of these days. 🙂

  3. Oh, Laura, I really like your links to some new-to-me travel blogs. And, what a lucky find to discover yours!

    • Thank you Jeanne!! Always such a pleasure to ‘meet’ like-minded adventurers; especially those who introduce me to corners of the globe I have never even heard of…Isla de Utila? Wow, thanks for crossing paths with me 😀

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